The Fish Sniffer - Winter Is Prime Time For Rainbows
Winter Is Prime Time For Rainbows

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 5, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Rollins Reservoir, Scotts Flat Reservoir,

After a big snowstorm, fishing has improved at both Rollins and Scotts Flatt this past week. With snow reaching elevations down to 300', Rollins Reservoir looked like a winter wonderland and it seemed the fish enjoyed it as well.

Forum members "cmcclain", "calangler", and another friend visited the lake on December 13 and had quite the day fishing from the shore. "Fishing lines were in by 7:30am and the first fish came around 8:30," reported cmcclain. Baits of choice included garlic scented gulp eggs as well as garlic scented power eggs.

Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista fished Scotts flat on Friday the 13th and was rewarded with some fish.

"I got off early so I headed to Scotts Flatt with my kayak and a few hours to fish," reported Pleece. "I trolled a night crawler behind a dodger as well as an Uncle Larry's Spinner. I got 3 hits but was only able to land 2 of the fish. The largest fish came in a little over two pounds. It was a beautiful rainbow trout!" exclaimed Pleece.

Fishing will continue to be ok at both lakes over the next few months. Bait offerings of dough baits, night crawlers, or small spinners will be the best bet for shore fisherman.

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