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Southern California and Baja Longrange Report

February 14, 2010
By Bill Roecker
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Bill Roecker for & the San Diego Sportfishing Council

Net Update Part II

February 14, 2010

Perfect Fishing Conditions
“Our weather today was perfect,” said Frank LoPreste aboard his Royal Polaris February 13.
“We had a six to eight-knot breeze, sunshine and no swell. Fishing continues to consist of a nice scratch on the Yellowfin tuna. We caught 33 fish today from 90 to 165 pounds. Dick Emerson won a new Accurate reel with a 145 pound fish on the sardine and Dave Cavaness got his first ever kite fish at 165 pounds. We did lose a few fish to the sharks today. At times they have been pretty aggressive. We also continue to have a slow steady pick on the Wahoo. Enjoy the photos and we will report again tomorrow.
“P.S. The crew of the Royal Polaris wishes you all a Happy Valentine Day.”

Anywhere Insurance
Some years ago Accurate reels founder Jack Nilsen (who’s fishing now aboard the Royal Polaris) told me his wife had bought him an insurance plan that would cover him anywhere in the world. If he was injured, he said, the company would extract him by air from wherever he was hurt and get him to proper medical care.
I didn’t think much about it, since I assumed the cost would be far beyond anything most anglers could afford. After reading Don Causey’s account in the latest issue of the International Angler, the official news organ of the IGFA, I see I made a wrong assumption.
Causey didn’t have the insurance, and when he fell from a broken tree stand some 35 feet to the ground on an African safari, he broke his back, which he said left him unable then to stand or sit up. After some long painful days, he succeeded in getting medical air transportation out of Cameroon.
“In the end,” he wrote, “I had to come up with $124,000 to pay for this service.”
Causey also noted that if he had a policy from Global Rescue (at a cost of $119 a week or $329 a year) he could have bought a medical membership “…that would have performed the entire evacuation from forest floor to the home hospital of my choice at no additional cost.”
I know many anglers who might benefit in a big way from such an insurance plan. I’m not advocating for any particular company, but this one might well be worth looking into.
If you’d like to see the whole story Causey wrote, it’s in the January-February issue of International Angler.

Tag Trip Is Fishing
Royal Star is on a tagging trip to the Revillgigedos. Here’s a report from skipper Brian Sims about the first afternoon of fishing. None of the fish caught are brought home in the holds; everything’s released, with an appropriate tag, allowing for important data to be obtained later.
“We traveled down throughout the morning to our first fishing destination in breezy weather. The guys finished all of the rigging in preparation for our arrival after lunch. Upon arrival we tagged a few small tuna while getting things figured out. By mid afternoon we were enjoying good action on 40 to110-pound Yellowfin Tuna. Everything went very smoothly with two to four fish going for the remainder of the day.
“The first picture of the day shows three of our new Thai friends "bendo" on butterfly jigs. The second is of Greg De Selice with a 105# tuna.”

On Her Way Home
American Angler has finished her ongoing fishing trip and is heading for the barn. Here’s her latest report, posted by skipper Sam Patella February 13:
We ended up on the beach the last couple of days to finish up the trip and things aren't what they used to be. Again we did the whole Lower Banks tour, each day we were there to only find some 50 to 60-pound Tuna for the effort. We are now on our way up the line in nice traveling weather and the forecast looks to be in our favor, and we like that. I'll post the ETA in a couple of days for all the family folk; until then...”

Bill Roecker owns Oceanic Productions and provides promotional services for the San Diego Sportfishing Council. Be sure to checkout their DVD's.

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