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A number of catfish species can be found in the west coast states including the channel, white, blue, flathead and bullhead. Fish up to 20 pounds are common in larger bodies of fresh water. Sexual maturity is reached at between 3 and 4 years. Catfish spawn when water temperatures are above 70 degrees F. The eggs are laid in a nest which could be anything from an old tire to an underwater animal burrow. The male guards the eggs, which can number up to 70,000, until they hatch about a week after spawning. The fry are guarded for a week or two after that.. The average life expectancy is 10 years but catfish have been known to live up to 40 years in their native habitat.

Catfish feed primarily feed at night but will snap up an opportunistic meal anytime one floats by. They inhabit shady spots during the day, seeking shelter from the sun. The diet of the catfish is varied consisting of insects, larvae, carrion, small fish, dead fish, frogs, fresh water mollusks, and even certain seeds carried into the water.

Although catfish can be caught by trolling minnows or minnow imitation lures, 99.9% are taken on bait of one type or another. Liver, shrimp, nightcrawlers, clams, hot dogs, mackerel, minnows, red worms, fish belly strips and minnows are all used as bait. Bait is usually sent to the bottom but if the bottom is weedy, the bait can be suspended by a float, or a marshmallow for smaller baits. Terminal tackle used is dependent on the type of bait and the currents encountered fishing.

If you are shore fishing the best time is at night when the fish are feeding.

If you are boat fishing during the day, anchor on a known catfish location. Catfish congregate in the shade of underwater mounds. Cast into the sun and retrieve slowly, about 6-8" per minute. Your rod tip will bend as you drag your sinker up the sunny side of the mound. When the rod tip straightens you are on the ridge of the mound. Prepare for the strike as you slowly work the bait down the shady side of the mound. Catfish are slow eaters so be patient before you set the hook.

Another technique is to sight fish. This method requires a good pair of polarized sunglasses, amber is the most popular color. By studying the terrain and daily migration patterns of the fish, or knowing where they rest or nest you will know where to go looking for them. When you can see one, cast a nightcrawler about two feet in front of his nose. Works every time!

Recent Catfish Articles & Reports

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Mother Lode Roundup

Written By: Garry Erck, Dan Bacher,
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Tips & Tactics for Catfish
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Catfish Locations
Catfish Locations

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