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Yellowfin are a tropical species that don't travel as widely as their cousins the albacore and bluefin tuna. Late summer, when the water is the warmest off the California coast, they can be found as far north as Morro Bay. Yellowfin Tuna are one of the strongest North American Fish and 200 pound fish are quite common. They are the most colorful fish in the tuna family and can be recognized by their long second anal and dorsal fins.

Schools are located by trolling feather jigs. The fishing is similar to albacore fishing but the tackle is much heavier and jigs are more commonly used once the school is located.

Recent Tuna Articles & Reports

Bass Action Takes Center Stage

Written By: Cal Kellogg,
July 21, 2014

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that the mainstem Umpqua is closed to wild steelhead harvest, but remains open year-round for adipose fin-clipped steelhead.

This fishery is primarily catch-and-release since the number...


Yellow, Gold And Bottom Brown

Written By: Bill Roecker,
July 13, 2014

Backtracking briefly to yesterday’s story about the yellowtail bite we experienced on The 13 Spot at the top of The Ridge, I’d like to point out that skipper Billy Santiago Jr.’s parking job put us exactly on top of frantically biting...


Cabo Anglers Chase Scattered Marlin

Written By: FishSniffer Staff,
July 11, 2014

The weather has been really good but very hot over the past week and I think there is a little disturbance down south of us but really not much chance of forming into something,” disclosed Captain Jerry Chapman of JC Sportfishing. “It...


Tips & Tactics for Tuna
Anchovy, I Love You!

Anchovy, I Love You!

Written By: Cal Kellogg

Just the other day I found myself setting on a deer stand on a ridge high in the Tahoe National Forest. The hunting was great except for...


Going Low And Slow For Albacore

Going Low And Slow For Albacore

Written By: Steve ‘Hippo’ Lau

ALBACORE!! The very sound of that name brings on a fever into the hearts of blue water anglers. Fast, powerful, and agile, these pelagic...


For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

Written By: FishSniffer Staff

Once again, the Fish Sniffer is prowling the waters of Northern California in a beautiful 21’ Willie Raptor.  The Raptor is an...


Tuna Locations
Tuna Locations

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