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Wahoo Good, Marlin Variable In Cabo

Written By: FishSniffer Staff,
April 1, 2015

“Yesterday the weather overcast, but today back to normal with sunshine and highs in the mid 80’s and lows in the low 60’s. Really great spring break weather and it is so typical of Cabo and that is something you can't take away of this...


Cabo Anglers Experience “Fair” Winter Action

Written By: FishSniffer Staff,
February 1, 2015

(Los Cabos) “We have had a few overcast days this week with a couple days of light rain even but not a big deal. Lots of this past week was overcast and today was also but it isn't cold by no means actually very pleasant with highs in the...


Breaking Birds And Breaking Tuna

Written By: Bill Roecker,
January 16, 2015

(San Diego) Skipper Kevin Osborne of the Intrepid posted January 10:

“Today we had very nice traveling weather all day long. The guys spent the day rigging and getting things ready for battle. The surprise of the day however, was when we...


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For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

Written By: FishSniffer Staff

Once again, the Fish Sniffer is prowling the waters of Northern California in a beautiful 21’ Willie Raptor.  The Raptor is an...


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