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Phone: 530-458-4868

KITTLES Outdoor & Sport Co.

Tackle Shop

Kittle's Outdoor was established in 1999 by Scott and Patrick Kittle. It continues to be a family owned operation located in Uptown Colusa, CA.

Kittle's is known throughout California for its large inventory of waterfowl supplies. Being one block from the Sacramento River, Kittle's also has a vast fishing department and carries live bait. Our bass fishing department has grown too. The employees at Kittle's have a lot of experience with hunting and fishing. It is important for our customers to not only get the right equipment for their outdoor adventure, but also have the right information about where, how, and when.

Firearms and Ammunition

All firearms and ammuniton that are ordered through the website will first be shipped to Kittle's, where they will be made available for customer pick-up or forwarded to the customer's preferred location.

Camping And Fishing

Camping and fishing have many benefits including relaxation, activity, bonding, and educational experience. If you're interested in these great activities, come into Kittle's and let us help you get the gear you need for your next adventure!

Venison Wrap

Looking for a new way to prepare your venison? Try this Venison Wrap recipe we think you might enjoy. If you like this recipe, be sure to try these other recipes we've hand-picked for you!

How To Find Us

One block from the Sacramento River State Park

5am - 6pm Mon. thru Sat. (during duck season open Sundays 9-3) NO GUN TRANSACTIONS ON SUNDAYS

888 Market St.
COLUSA, CA 95932
Phone: 530-458-4868
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