A Close Look At The Jackson Kilroy Walkthrough Kayak

Written By: Headwaters Fishing Team, July 28, 2013

A Close Look At The Jackson Kilroy Walkthrough Kayak

We’ve had the new Jackson Kilroy kayak in the shop and on the water for about a month now and thought it was time to give some first impressions.

Although its always exciting when Jackson comes out with a new kayak, I don't think any of us thought the new Kilroy would become our new "favorite" Jackson boat. On the surface it looked like just a wide sit in rec boat. That impressions soon changed when we unwrapped the kayak and started looking at all the well thought out features that don't show up on the print ads.

The first surprise about the kayak was its speed as compared to the Cuda 12. Even though they used the same hull design as the Cuda, the Kilroy glides much nicer due to the lack scuppers. The clean hull gains speed and keeps it speed much nicer than its sit on top counter part.

The second thing that blew my mind was the stability of the kayak. The kayak has a much lower center of gravity than the Cuda even in the high position. This is because you sit on the floor of the Kilroy as opposed to the wash deck like on sit on tops.

Anyone and everyone will be standing in this boat. I was standing on the seat and fishing. It's insane and incredibly comfortable. After about a dozen trips out I have yet to use it in the low seat.

When it comes to features there are several new concepts on the Kilroy that help it stand out. The flat standing area, the multi functional dash, interior horizontal rod storage, 4 sets of accessory tracks, bulkhead and hatch, easy to rig fish finder, and on and on and on!

I won't bore you with all the details here but instead I’ve created a walkthrough video that you can find on our blog accessible through the Headwaters website at http://www.headwaterskayak.com.

We are looking forward to lots more footage and in depth reviews as a few of the other guys on the Headwaters team have already picked up Kilroys. Bill will be using it a bunch as a fly fishing platform, Bam has been out a ton in it fishing for bass in the Delta and will be hunting ducks when the season starts up, and I have been paddling it on guided trips and lessons.

I'm excited for you to try it, so come on by and grab a demo and give us your feed back. Once again props to Jackson for making innovative kayaks - always stepping it up!

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