Dialing in your Fish finder

Written By: Forum Member: BlueBoat, February 2, 2014
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Dialing in your Fish finder

let's face it, we all like to see arches on our fish finders. The problem is that it's not all that easy to get them to show up like we think they should.

There's three things on your fish finder that can be adjusted to make those arches look better. 

The first thing is the boat speed, the second is the ping rate and the third is the scroll speed. Lowrance has always maintained that if you reset your finder to the defaults it should work fine and that is true but those three variables that I mentioned is what you should change to get the screen to show things the way you want. 

There are two other things that some fish finders have. Surface clarity and noise reduction. I run with the noise reduction on and I adjust surface clarity as needed to give me less clutter on the screen. I find that surface clarity has little to do with water clarity is really just another filter to get rid of the random noise on the screen.

I tend to focus on the scroll rate as the best tool for getting those nice arches. The lower the scroll rate the more returns you'll get from a fish and when you get it set right for the boat speed you'll see those nice arches that you want. If your fish finder has fishing modes you'll probably find that this is what changes most when you change the modes.

O.K. so what do you do when your still fishing. The answer to that is to learn to use the flasher mode. It's not as pretty as the normal mode but it will show fish that move into the range of the finder and the ones that have moved away will disappear.

Frequencies have and effect also but it is more about the depth that the ping will penetrate and return usable information. Generally speaking, the lower the frequency, the deeper it will penetrate. Which frequency you choose is dependent to some extent on what you personally like. I often use a low frequency in shallow water if I'm looking for springs because it will penetrate into the bottom deeper. Sometimes this makes it difficult to tell the difference between trees and bait balls so I may switch back and forth several times while fishing.

Hope you can use this info and if it works for you than that's great.

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