For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, September 16, 2013
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For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor
For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor
For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor For Sale Fish Sniffer 2013 Willie Raptor

Once again, the Fish Sniffer is prowling the waters of Northern California in a beautiful 21’ Willie Raptor.  The Raptor is an extremely versatile boat – big and solid enough for large lakes and the ocean, yet compact enough to trailer to high mountain lakes.  It is a great all around fishing boat for Northern California.

Our 2013 Willie Raptor is an all-welded forward helm design with a walk through windshield.  It is a gorgeous bright blue color that looks excellent on the hull. The front of the boat features an oversize diamond plate rock guard with a cutout of the “W” from the Willie logo for a very custom look.

The Raptor features Willie’s unique variable deadrise hull design. The 24 degree fore bow pierces waves easily, the 15 degree entry tames chop and keeps the ride dry, and the 10 degree transom gives maximum stability and shallow water capability.  This hull is 21 feet in length – not counting the offshore bracket, with a 102-inch beam and a 6 1/2 foot bottom. The bottom thickness is .190 aluminum, with a side thickness of .125 inch.

The bow of the Raptor has a large built in fish box and  anchor release and storage.  In front of the consoles underneath the windshields are access doors with a large bow storage space.  The interior features 2 deluxe swivel suspension seats with movable armrests, behind which are 2 large bench seats facing to the center of the boat.  The bench seats have folding backrests and are set on top of large lockable storage boxes.  These storage boxes are movable – Willie Boat’s unique design that don’t bolt to the floor, but instead attach to the side trays underneath the gunnels.  Behind the bench seats is a huge open deck area that is over 35 square feet of fish fighting space!  The transom incorporates a huge aerated livewell/fishwell that is over 6 feet wide and could hold everyone’s limits of salmon or a dozen large albacore!  The extra wide transom and gunnels are diamond plated and zolatone coated and add to the rugged look and durability of the boat. This is all crowned by a 75-inch tall rigid frame top with welded accessory trays, plus full canvas, side curtains and backdrop.

The 21’ Willie Raptor is powered by a Yamaha 150 hp 4 stroke that is extremely quiet, smooth and fuel-efficient. The motor is mounted on a full width all welded offshore bracket on the stern.  Next to the main motor is a Yamaha 9.9 hp 4-stroke kicker motor that features electric start and power tilt. These motors are a perfect fit for this hull, powering the Raptor to over 40 mph, and providing all day trolling with very little use of fuel.  The built-in 40-gallon fuel tank is mounted in the center of the boat for optimum handling and balance.

Willie Boats offer some unique features that really stand out from the crowd.  There is a huge, 11-foot long rod locker on each side of the boat that opens from the top.  I can walk up to the boat parked in the driveway, open the rod locker and pack my rods in it without having to climb into the boat!  The floor of the locker has a dense carpet to cushion the rods, is fully waterproof, and can hold up to 10 rod and reel combinations on each side.

Another unique Willie feature is the movable downrigger mounts and rod holder mounts.  The inside edge of the rear of the boat is covered with a molded rubber mounting system that encircles the whole deck.  The downrigger mount is built so it will slide forward or backward on this mounting system, so you can position the downrigger exactly how you like it.  You can move it forward or backward to position the downrigger exactly where you like it.   And when the downrigger ball is over the side, the angle provides pressure that holds the mount in place.  The rod holders work in the same way – you can slide them the entire length of the side and the entire length of the stern of the boat, placing your rod exactly where you want it in any situation, and moving it at will.  This very innovative system gives the angler lots of options for all kinds of fishing.

One valuable design feature of the Willie Raptor isn’t obvious until you actually get out fishing.  The gunnels are 13 inches wide, which includes the cover of the top opening rod lockers, and the transom is 20 inches deep, and over 6 feet wide, and all are built with the Zolatone coated diamond plating.  What you discover as you actually fish out of this boat is that you have a huge rear “table” area in the stern, and a small “table” area on each side of the boat.  I am constantly changing lures, moving tackle around, bringing the downriggers up, removing the release clip, etc.  With these large “table” areas, you have a secure place to put this tackle and other miscellaneous equipment, and it won’t fall overboard or onto the floor of the boat.  You really need to take a look at this Willie Boat design to appreciate it.

We have added some top of the line fishing accessories to the Willie Raptor.  We installed a new Lowrance HDS 7 Fishfinder/GPS system that we are in the process of learning.   On the bow we have a Minn Kota Auto Pilot electric trolling motor with the new I Pilot design, which is a GPS based trolling motor control system.   This unit will let you program fishing paths up to 2 miles in length.  The motor will keep you on this path automatically, in spite of wind or current.  You just point the motor in the direction you want to go.  And you can program it to keep on the path, so the motor will turn the boat and go back over the same path, for as long as you want, all automatically!  It also can be programmed to hold the boat in one spot, like an electronic anchor, and the Cruise Control feature maintains real time, on-the-water boat speed in 1/10 mph increments, again in spite of wind or current, and all automatically. This is a wonderful trolling motor system for all kinds of fishing.

For controlled depth fishing, we have the new Cannon Mag 10 STX electric downriggers with telescopic booms that extend from 24” to 53”.  They also feature built in positive ion control that creates a fish attracting electrical field around the boat, and the Short Stop design that safely stops the weight at the waterline. These downriggers will retrieve a 10 lb weight at 250 feet per minute, and come with 250 feet of cable and a low profile swivel base.  We have also mounted Cannon’s new 10-inch anodized aluminum adjustable rod holders that mount on the downrigger swivel.  These dual rod holders swivel 360 degrees and have a pistol grip that provides quick, one hand up and down adjustment.

We are using this beautiful boat throughout Northern California this year. It has been a very lucky boat for us, and much of that “luck” comes because of all the fishing features designed into it.!  If you see us on the water, give us a call on Channel 69 or just come by and say hello!

This boat is For Sale at an extremely reduced price. For more information, call Paul Kneeland at (530)346-8696, or contact Willie Boats at (541)779-4141
Asking Price $47K

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