Is Bigger Better?

Written By: Dan Arbuckle, Headwaters Fishing Team, February 7, 2014
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Is Bigger Better?
Is Bigger Better? Is Bigger Better?

The debate has been raging lately in the kayak business about "Is bigger better?" Many companies are focusing a lot of money and effort building the new ear of bigger feature rich stand up stable fishing kayaks. The Pro Angler, Jackson Cuda and Tuna, Nucanoe Frontier, Oldtown Predator, and the list goes on.

Each boat is coming more and more rigged up and with features rigged up for anglers, but all these trick features come with a hefty burden when trying to move your kayak from place to place.

The new Jackson Big Rig seems to be the antipathies of this new era of fishing kayaks. About 53lbs lighter than its pedal drive counterpart, the Big Rig is still beast at 85lbs.

The kayak features the elite high low seat, horizontal rod storage, several feet of Yakattack track, Ram Rod holders, stand up casting bar, power pole ready rear end, and the most stable hull design yet from Jackson. 

I'm excited for Jackson to be making a kayak to service this market. It think the stock features are going to be ahead of what most other brands are doing, and having paddled most all of these big boy boats, I can confidently say it paddles better than most. So is this the future of kayak fishing? I think the answer to that is YES! and NO!

At Headwaters we are working to bring kayak fishing to the masses. For many people that means a large stable boat that allows you focus on fishing and not stability is the answer. While for others it may mean a 45 lb Eddyline Caribbean that they can throw on top of their car and carry to the water in one hand.

Both ends of the spectrum are great, and there is a lot of middle ground for people to explore. I honestly think that the era of kayak fishing is upon us and there has never been a better time to get into the sport. Their has never been more options for people looking to get started. The best advice we can give....... DEMO DEMO DEMO!

At Headwaters we stock over 25 different kayak fishing models, and we have a demo model of every one. We encourage you to try out as many kayaks as you can, and we try and provide a one stop shop for that.

We also apply any money spent on your rentals or demos to the price of your kayak. We are not here to push plastic boats, we are here to make sure you get the best kayak the first time. So come see us and start the process. The first Big Rig demo arrived this January.

For more information about kayaks and kayak fishing, visit the Headwaters Kayak website at


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