Phenix Rods Are Very Light And Offer Strength, Sensitivity and Durability

Written By: Ernie Marlan, December 2, 2013
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Phenix Rods Are Very Light And Offer Strength, Sensitivity and Durability

I was first introduced to the Phenix Rod line at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo in Sacramento. I have been fishing them ever since and here are some of the reasons why.

When I put a fishing rod in my hand for the first time I am looking for these specific and very important characteristics; its overall weight, strength, sensitivity and durability.

When you cast lures all day long, you figure the weight of a rod after hundreds of casts a day could take quite a toll on you. Therefore, the weight the a rod you use while fishing is very important and can help eliminate the fatigue you may encounter from fishing all day or maybe two or three consecutive days.

The weight is also important to me because I enjoy the fight of the fish. The bite and the fight is what I enjoy about fishing. It’s for that exact reason that I don’t want to use too heavy of a fishing rod to bring in a fish. I prefer something light yet strong enough to handle up to a 30-40 pound striper if I am lucky enough to hook a fish that big.

The first Phenix Rod I fished is the 7’7” MBX classic 707 MH because it fits the description that I mentioned above. One of the other benefits about this particular rod is that it’s very versatile and I can throw a variety of lures with it.  It is not uncommon for me to use a swim bait, crank bait, rip bait, a spoon or even a topwater bait while using this specific model.

Since the Phenix Rod is extremely light, it also offers a tremendous amount of sensitivity.  Sensitivity is not a big issue when fishing for stripers because typically they will absolutely crush any lure that they decide to eat and there is never a question of whether you are getting a bite or not. Sensitivity is an issue when you are largemouth bass fishing, especially with soft plastics.  Yes, I use the MBX classic for bass fishing as well.  

When I throw a larger swim bait that weighs an ounce or more, I prefer to use Phenix Rods X-13 crank bait rod.  It is a little heavier so it can handle the larger bait and it offers a little more fighting power than the MBX Classic.  Yet, it still offers the sensitivity that I have grown accustomed to from Phenix Rods.

A couple of years ago, I took a three and a half day tuna trip out of San Diego and had several of the Black Diamond Series with me.  Specifically, I had the Black Diamond PSW 700ML 10-30, PSW 700M 15-40, and the PSW 700H 20-60. While on this trip, my favorite Phenix Rod quickly became the PSW 700M 15-40 lb. because it was light enough to have fun fighting the smaller fish but strong enough to handle the larger ones as well.  In addition, this rod has quickly become my the sturgeon rod of choice. Shaker sturgeon are fun to catch on this rod; slot limit fish, no problem!

Recently I fished the new Trifecta Series.  I used the TRX-S 905-2 9’0” 6-12 lb. with a lure weight of 1/4-3/4 oz. I believe this rod is designed for steelhead.  However, I used it for salmon on the Sacramento River.  The rod handled beautifully when we were drifting roe for fish into the twenty pound range.  The Trifecta Series offered all the common traits that the Phenix Rod line has proven to me over the last three years. Sensitivity, very light in its overall weight and phenomenal fish fighting strength.

One more feature that I have to mention about Phenix Rods is that they are very durable.  I fish these rods many times a year.  My two kids, family members and friends fish these rods and they have proven to be very durable in every situation I’ve fished.  Yes, I take very good care of my equipment and they get quite a bit of use but these Phenix Rods have withstood the test, time after time!  

If you would like to learn more about Phenix Rods you can find them online at

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