Wallet Sized Swimbaits

Written By: Lucas Boden, March 12, 2012
Species: Bass

Wallet Sized Swimbaits

Swimbaits can be one of the deadliest lures for catching giant bass, but a regular priced swimbait in today’s market can cost forty dollars. These swimbaits are very effective for catching fish, but are not necessary to catch the better quality bass.

Many times, the cheaper swimbaits can be found at any local store and it’s not necessary to go all the way to a tackle shop to buy them. Around Elk Grove, I found five different types of swimbaits for less than twenty dollars at four different stores that were within ten minutes of my house.

Sport Chalet, Wal Mart, Long’s Drugs, and Sport’s Authority all had a good selection of fishing tackle, but I was looking for swimbaits. Sport Chalet had the best selection of swimbaits, which included most of the Castaic Platinum series, Megabait Charlies and L.A. sliders, Storm Swimbaits, and Fish Traps. Wal Mart also had the storm swimbaits, along with the Megabaits and some Castaic. Not only did these stores carry the baits, but they had the right line and rods also.

An important question you have to ask yourself if you are going to throw swimbaits is whether or not you want to get a lot of them, or a couple of the more expensive lures. Many swimbaits like the Huddleston, BBZ by Spro, or even MS Slammers all cost around forty dollars per bait. The differences between these baits and the one’s you will find at Wal Mart is the quality. Huddleston’s, BBZ’s, and Slammers are all very detailed, baits that were designed by trophy bass fisherman to imitate trout in our lakes here in California. The lures I mentioned from Wal Mart and Sport Chalet are swimbaits produced by large companies that can distribute them to hundreds of stores. When you start buying more expensive lures, they are harder to find. These premium baits often have to be pre-ordered and they will cost more.

Even though swimbaits like the Castaic Platinums or Fish Traps cost a lot less, this does not mean that the more expensive swimbaits will outperform them. There are many different situations when getting your bait to the bottom in a hurry and keeping it there is an important part of getting fish to strike. In this situation Fish Traps work well. If fish are shallow, a very erratic action may be desired and the Castaic Platinum is the perfect swimbait for the situation. Swimbaits are not lures that you can catch a lot of fish on in one day, because you are targeting bigger fish. Making sure you have a good arsenal to cover all levels of the water column along with different actions for each bait, can help you figure out what the fish want on any particular day.

When I was just starting to throw swimbaits I had built my confidence using other techniques to the point where I wanted to go spend my time on the water targeting huge bass. Armed with my bike and not a lot of cash, I was forced to use the swimbaits from local stores and fish ponds and creeks in Elk Grove with them.

Once I got the opportunity to move to some of the bigger lakes here in California, I still found a use for all my old swimbaits that I had bought at stores right around the corner from my house.

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