Fish Sniffer Videos

Folsom Lake Rainbows And Kings

Watch Team Fish Sniffer Land Big King Salmon and Big Rainbow Trout While Fast Trolling At Folsom Lake!

Duration: 4.93 min

Rockfish And Lingcod On Gulp!

Join Cal Kellogg, Captain James Smith of California Dawn Sportfishing, along with Team Fish Sniffer as they hammer Northern California rockfish, lingcod and halibut using Berkley Gulp! soft saltwater baits.

Duration: 3.33 min

Hammering Northern California Lingcod Aboard The California Dawn

Red Hot Norcal Lingcod Action Aboard The California Dawn!

Duration: 3.20 min

Sturgeon Heartbreak!

Big Sturgeon Hooked, Fought And Lost!

Duration: 2.80 min

Massive Hitch Hiker Lingcod!

See a 50 Pound Hitch Hiker Lingcod Hit The Deck At Captain Steve's Lodge!

Duration: 1.93 min

Big Halibut On A Jig!

This 50 plus pound halibut grabbed a big Kalin swimbait!

Duration: 1.62 min

Lake Oroville Kings!

Big King Salmon Are Biting At Lake Oroville. See Captain Rick Kennedy and Team Fish Sniffer On The Water In Action!!!!

Duration: 2.88 min

Collins Lake Trout On Fire Bait!

A fall trout fishing trip to Collins Lake produces big results on Pautzke Fire Bait.

Duration: 7.03 min

SnagProof Frog Field Test

I am a member of "The Fish Sniffer" and I have recently been selected to product test 4 SnagProof Frogs. I am doing the test in stages. First, in this video I will just be explaining the frogs and what I think of them. The next video will be me using

Duration: 7.00 min

Albion Kayak Fishing with NCKA

The Headwaters Fishing Team made our annual roadtrip to the Albion Open near Mendocino. We had Epic conditions and many Salmon were caught. Here is our story.

Duration: 1.95 min

InvisiSwivels are great for spooning bass.

A clip from a recent episode of Angler West TV with Todd Storm explaining the benefits of using a InvisiSwivels with Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish. Both available at

Duration: 1.32 min

How to rig a hoochie with Smile Blade for Kokanee.

Luke Ellifritz demontrates how to assemble the components of a Mack's Lure hoochie and Smile Blade for Kokanee fishing. As seen in this episode of Angler West TV from Flaming Gorge Reservoir. To learn a s

Duration: 4.22 min

Live Bait fishing for Stripers on the Sacramento River with MSJ Guide Service 2013

Duration: 5.45 min

Sacramento River Striper fishing with MSJ guide service 2013

A day out on the Sacramento River tearing up the stripers with MSJ guide service.

Duration: 5.23 min

Feather River Striper Fishing with MSJ Guide Service. 2013

Duration: 1.07 min

Sacramento River Striper Fishing with MSJ Guide Service. 2013

Little Jerry putting a hurting on the stripers on the Sacramento River.

Duration: 3.33 min

Sacramento River Striper Fishing with MSJ Guide Service Part 2 2013

Jerry Sr and Jr putting the smack down on some striper's on the Sacramento River with MSJguideservice.

Duration: 4.35 min

Stripers and Bass on the California Delta

Delta Bass and Striper Fishing

Duration: 3.52 min

Suisun Bay Sturgeon With Right Hook Sportfishing

Sturgeon Fishing in Suisun Bay With Right Hook Sportfishing And Cal Kellogg. Sturgeon to 200 pounds caught.

Duration: 6.05 min

Sturgeon Fishing with Hook'd Up Sportfishing

Sturgeon fishing

Duration: 5.50 min

Trout Fishing With Fire Bait.m4v

Check out this trout fishing footage the Fish Sniffer staff shot while testing a new Pautzke trout bait called Fire Bait at Rollins Lake east of Sacramento, Ca.

Duration: 6.72 min

Amador Trout Fishing.m4v

My buddy Joe Semas and I headed up to Lake Amador for a day of winter trout fishing. I'd never been to the lake. I was really impressed with the results. Check out our trip....Cal

Duration: 6.82 min

Captain Steve's Video.m4v

This is a long video I put together for Captain Steve Smith about fishing in Alaska. Check it out there are some huge fish featured in it....Cal

Duration: 20.07 min

Golden Gate Crabbing! 1.m4v

I shot this footage on a December 15 crabbing trip outside the Golden Gate aboard the California Dawn. The crabbing was great!!!!

Duration: 4.47 min

The Fish Sniffer.m4v

Here is a promotional video I put together about The Fish Sniffer...We will be playing it at the International Sportsman's Exposition Show next week in Sacramento in the California Sportsman's Theater.....It's not perfect, but I like it...Hope you en

Duration: 1.53 min

Folsom Lake Holdover Rainbows.m4v

Folsom Lake offers great trout fishing for rainbow trout during the cold water months. On December 11, my wife Gena and I along with our close friends Jim and Mary Ann English trolled Folsom from Jim's Fishrite boat. We caught a bunch of handsome rai

Duration: 7.73 min

Collins Lake Winter Trout Fishing!.m4v

Cal Kellogg of the Fish Sniffer Magazine and Gene Rush headed up to Collins Lake near Marysville, Ca. for a day of winter trout fishing. They caught rainbows while trolling and fishing bait off the bank. Check out the highlights of their trip.

Duration: 8.43 min

Golden Gate Crabbing! 1.m4v

I shot this footage on a December 15 crabbing trip outside the Golden Gate aboard the California Dawn. The crabbing was great!!!!

Duration: 4.47 min

Trout Fishing, The Bank Anglers Backpack.m4v

If you are just getting started bank fishing for reservoir trout, this video shows you the basics of what you'll need. I'll do some more in depth stuff on this subject soon. This is a good starting point when teamed with the Rollins Lake video.

Duration: 2.78 min

Rollins Lake Trout Fishing.m4v

My wife Gena and I headed up to Rollins Reservoir for a day of fall bank fishing and caught a bunch of rainbow trout. This video has a lot of good how to information for the bank anglers out there.

Duration: 9.17 min

Dan Bacher On Flounders.m4v

Dan Bacher and I fished Suisun Bay this November and Dan caught this nice flounder that weighted nearly 4 pounds. He takes a moment to speak about founders and founder fishing.

Duration: 2.17 min

How To Fish Don Pedro Reservoir With Monte Smith.m4v

Master guide Monte Smith of Gold Country Sportfishing breaks down how to fish Don Pedro Reservoir throughout the year for trout, kokanee and king salmon.

Duration: 6.12 min

Striper Video.m4v

This is a video I shot on Nov. 8, 2011 at a DFG meeting when the new DFG proposed striper regulations were made public. The DFG recommended lowering the minimum size to 12 inches and increasing the daily bag limit to 6 and the possession limit to 12

Duration: 13.92 min

October Salmon!.m4v

I went salmon fishing outside the Golden Gate on October 6 aboard the New Easy Rider. We had great fishing, bumpy seas and some rain. I captured some of the action on video. Excuse the shaky camera. At times the boat was pitching pretty good.....I th

Duration: 5.95 min

Blacktail Buck Down 2011.m4v

This fall I went deer hunting in California's Zone G-1 a late season blacktail deer hunt in eastern Tehama County. I had a great time and ended up tagging a tasty young buck. Check out my video, there are some good tips on it!

Duration: 10.00 min

Fish Sniffer Alaska Adventure-Part 2.m4v

Here is the second part of the 2011 Fish Sniffer Alaskan Adventure to Capt. Steve's Lodge! Check it out!

Duration: 5.53 min

Sacramento River Salmon 2011.m4v

The king salmon are back in the Sacramento River. Check out the action from my September 30 trip in the Cottonwood area.

Duration: 7.03 min

Fish Sniffer TV At Don Pedro Reservoir.m4v

Team Fish Sniffer visited Don Pedro Reservoir on September 23 and we had a great time targeting holdover rainbows with Monte Smith of Gold Country Sportfishing. We caught all of our fish on Monte's homemade Chucker T spoons! Monte's spoons aren't fo

Duration: 6.85 min

Trout And Salmon!.m4v

Every year all of us at the Fish Sniffer do a lot of trout and landlocked salmon fishing. Here are a few of the fish we caught in 2011. It's not fancy, but I thought some of the folks out there might enjoy seeing some of my photos...Thanks for the su

Duration: 2.58 min

Shasta Rainbow!.m4v

This is the video I shot of the Fish Sniffer's Paul Kneeland fighting a quality Lake Shasta rainbow. Duane Langshaw, the Fish Sniffer webmaster is on the net. I love Shasta!

Duration: 3.13 min

Reader Tribute.m4v

This goes out to all the Fish Sniffer readers out there that have joined me out on the water. Our readers catch some awesome fish!

Duration: 3.72 min

How To Fillet A Halibut.m4v

This is a great example of how to fillet a halibut whether it's an Alaskan Pacific halibut like the one shown or a California halibut.

Duration: 3.65 min

56 Pound Ling.m4v

Hey All, I just got back from a fantastic fishing trip in Alaska. Every year I sponsor a Fish Sniffer readers trip to Captain Steve's Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. Steve specializes in fishing the waters of the Cook Inlet and beyond. One of his clien

Duration: 2.52 min

Tuna Fishing On The Excel.m4v

Yellowfin tuna are one the strongest hardest fighting fish in the world. If you've been dreaming of slugging it out with big tuna and filling your freezer with ahi fillets, booking a trip aboard one of San Diego's outstanding long range boats is a gr

Duration: 5.43 min

Lake Pardee Bass Fishing.m4v

Legendary guide Larry Hemphill explains how to target Lake Pardee's trophy bass.

Duration: 5.45 min

How To Fillet Fish With Darrin Arnst.m4v

In this video professional deckhand Darrin Arnst of California Dawn Sportfishing demonstrates how to fillet a good size lingcod or other large fish.

Duration: 1.30 min

Trolling California Salmon Outside The Golden Gate.m4v

It takes special tackle and tactics to troll for salmon from a charter boat!

Duration: 4.48 min

Paul Kneeland On Doves.m4v

How To Clean And Cook Doves With Paul Kneeland Of The Fish Sniffer Magazine And!

Duration: 1.32 min

Hitch Hiker Lingcod.m4v

This big lingcod grabbed a hooked rockfish during a Cal Kellogg School of Fishing trip aboard the Happy Hooker. We were fishing along the coast a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Lingcod are just like pit bulls, when they lock onto somethin

Duration: 1.33 min

Fish Sniffer Alaskan Adventure 2011.m4v

This is a video I made about the 2011 Fish Sniffer Alaska adventure to Captain Steve's Lodge. This is part one of two. Part one focusses on lingcod fishing. Part two will focus on halibut and salmon.

Duration: 9.27 min

Fish Sniffer Intro.m4v

The New Fish Sniffer Video Intro!...I just put this this intro together to go with the episodes of Fish Sniffer Television that I'm now in the process of creating.

Duration: 0.78 min

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