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    Re: Bass feeding habbits and times.

    These sorts of things are so inconsistent and unpredictable. I'm sure fish do have some consistent behavior patterns, but the problem is that they are effected by so many outside variables that fishermen are either unaware of or cannot predict. So I think if you are looking for patterns to such behavior, the more you fish the more you will see your various theories thrown out the window.

    Just my $.02....

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    Bass feeding habbits and times.

    Bass feeding at dusk and down also at night. I tried night fishing once and could not get a single bite on top water bait in lake and blowups on water were like super rare.

    My theory if bass starts to feed at dusk and catch plenty enough bluegills he just goes back to sleep and stop hunting for the rest of the day so night fishing is a waste of time, only about 1/4 of all bass still be hunting.

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