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    Re: Another 20 fish out of Bullards Bar today Oct 27th

    Way to get the youngsters in there.

    Have you ever fished catfish in Bullards? Those kokanee will eventually die and as congregated as they are, I'd suspect it would be a feed bag for scavengers. Might also be a big Brown or two picking off some fish up the river.

    Thanks for the reports. You've had a fine season up there.

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    Another 20 fish out of Bullards Bar today Oct 27th

    We took a friends eleven year old fishing today and the bite was great!
    On the lake for three and a half hours and twenty fish.
    We fished the dam and the fish really haven't changed much since two weeks ago.
    Again, the fish look more beat up than they are.
    Now we are done for the year!
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