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    Re: Whiskeytown fi

    I was there a couple weeks ago. The only ramp open then was Whiskey creek north of 299 bridge. Was targeting several species, but fishing was slow all around for me. 1 koke and 1 bass. Lake level was down significantly and most likely contributed to the poor outing... or maybe it was just me o.O. Hoping the low water doesn't affect this years spawners! But I couldn't get over how ugly the once beautiful surrounding mountains looked. What was once a picture postcard lake, is now a desolate scene. Sad!


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    Whiskeytown fi

    Oak Bottom marina lots of construction equipment,maybe a couple of trees in camp ground (would bet money their are not ) boat ramp closed at Oak bottom . Brandy Creek has some trees and not completely denuded like Hwy 299 side everything burned to waterline. Spoke to fisherman at the ramp on the 299 side next to the bridge not sure of the name they were fishing for bass wind blew the off /shunked.It's going to be sometime before oak bottom campground or surrounding mountains have growth (years) bring shade for next spring if it open. ((re )) missing on heading not able to change.

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