Saturday, launched out of Rio Vista, hop scotched from West bank, to Collinsville, to the Antioch bridge. A lot of smoke in the air making it look like for especially because it was cold out there. Water clarity most areas were good. San Joaquin has more water hysion spreading out. Both days were similar. Trolling and Jigging. Most hooks ups came from Jigging. I finished Saturday with about 30 plus hook ups of which 9 were keepers. Bigger stripe in the 8lb range. Monday today, was similar, except focused on Eddo's area and Collinsville. My son accompined me today and we split the catches 8 keepers and 30 shakers. Again, more fish caught in the Collinsville area and most spooning.
Long day fishing. I wanted to post some pictures, but my settings won't let me.
Lures of choice, rattle traps, b16 bombers, Rapala xraps, and 2-3 oz spoons. Most colors will work.
Good luck out there?